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Planning surprise party!

I am planning my little sisters surprise party today! It is going to be amazing. I want to have balloons, order a cake, get flowers for her, and get her the cutest present. I want to get her this Juicy Couture bracelet.

I also want to get her a few charms. Don’t you think a 13 year old girl would love this?

I also want to give her a piece of art. I want to do a watercolor portrait of her! I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

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Have an amazzzing day,


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Spring Break 2011

I am extremely excited to announce that I am going to Cuba spring break 2011! I am going with a bunch of people from my school. I am so excited!

In Cuba the drinking age is 16, so you know what that means. Its going to be crazy.

My family is babysitting this dog Ebby and she’s just precious! Its so sad, her family is coming home from vacation tomorrow and they are picking her up. I’m really going to miss that little ball of fluff!

Going to work on my sketch of a clothes pin!


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hello there


thanks for reading my blog! I am having a very relaxing day because yesterday I slept over at a friends and got absolutely NO sleep. It was so much fun, were going to throw our friend Steph a surprise party next month! This is probably the cutest picture of the night, all of the other ones were so repulsive.

I’m finally studying the drivers handbook so I can get my G1 ! I mean its been like almost four months, I really need my G1! I cannot wait until I get my G2, that will be amazing!

Semester 2 is starting this Wednesday. Its sort of like a mini break, which is great because I need some time to relax! Things have been so stressful with exams and everything lately, its been so ridiculous.

Cowgirls & Cowboy

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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