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thanks for reading my blog! I am having a very relaxing day because yesterday I slept over at a friends and got absolutely NO sleep. It was so much fun, were going to throw our friend Steph a surprise party next month! This is probably the cutest picture of the night, all of the other ones were so repulsive.

I’m finally studying the drivers handbook so I can get my G1 ! I mean its been like almost four months, I really need my G1! I cannot wait until I get my G2, that will be amazing!

Semester 2 is starting this Wednesday. Its sort of like a mini break, which is great because I need some time to relax! Things have been so stressful with exams and everything lately, its been so ridiculous.

Cowgirls & Cowboy


About jaiadoresarah

I'm very passionate about things I believe in. I love my dog, he's my best friend! I'm not really your average teenage girl. I'm much better
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